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Flat feet (Pes Planus) is a term used to describe excessive “rolling in” or pronation of the feet either while standing or in motion.

This “rolling in” is a normal function of the foot as it allows us to absorb shock and walk on uneven terrain. However, too much of this can cause problems in the long-term due to malalignment of the lower limbs.

Common conditions which can be associated with Flat Feet include:

  1. Shin splints

  2. Ankle Pain

  3. Knee Pain

  4. Plantar Fasciitis

  5. Bunions

  6. Morton's Neuroma

  7. Plantar Plate strain/rupture

  8. Metatarsalgia

  9. Arthritis


Biomechanical Assessment is performed to determine the causes of the Flat Feet and subsequent effects on the body. Treatment may involve exercise prescription, stretching, orthotics, footwear modification or referral to a surgeon. It is best to attempt conservative treatment first.

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