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Children's Podiatry

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Children’s feet endure 3 times more stress than the average adult foot due to their high activity levels. It is important to maintain optimum foot care. 
At Jervis Bay & Brunton Podiatry our Podiatrists have the knowledge and expertise to assess and diagnose any or all of your concerns regarding your child’s feet.

Our friendly Podiatrists can help determine if your child is suffering from any of the conditions listed below:

Patient Review...

My 9-year-old daughter has seen Heidi twice to treat a chronic plantar wart on her foot. Heidi’s ability to engage and build instant rapport with Isabelle was outstanding. Instantly Isabelle was at ease. Heidi spoke directly to Isabelle, making her feel empowered and that she was in control of the situation. Heidi took the time to comprehensively explain how warts occur, the rationale behind the symptoms and why they are so stubborn to resolve. All information was delivered on a level Isabelle could relate to, with a touch of humour to soften any anxiety or nerves. Throughout the entire consultation, Heidi made conversation with Isabelle, tapping into her interests of dance, school life, even down to fashion and their shared love of converse shoes! Heidi definitely has a gift of working with paediatric patients, a quality that came with such authenticity. Heidi not only met our expectations, she exceeded them, all whilst upholding the Podiatry Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct outlining the good practice required when caring for children; treat the child with respect and listen to their views, encourage questions and provide information in a way the child can understand. I would highly recommend the services provided at Jervis Bay & Brunton Podiatry.


B.Jane (Facebook Review 2019)

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