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Diabetic Assessments

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Our Podiatrists are trained to assess and manage Diabetic foot related complications. 

Diabetes Assessments are performed to detect any issues that could put suffers of diabetes at risk. Simple foot problems like those below can increase your risk of complications;


Diabetes can also cause nerve damage and lack of circulation to your feet that if ignored and untreated, may lead to more serious lower limb complaints such as ulcers and amputations. 

In the assessment we will look at:

  • blood circulation

  • nerve function

  • skin condition

  • bone and joint function


If you are on a Chronic Disease Management Referral, correspondence will be sent back to a letter to your GP.

It is essential for these assessments to be performed annually to check for any deterioration in these areas.

Podiatry is vital in the management of diabetic foot health & prevention of complications.

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